How do I find and remove the incompatible driver so I can re-enable Memory Integrity? I'm a bit disturbed by the Windows Security logo, which has a yellow exclamation mark which means that something has gone wrong with the security of the Windows system. When I looked at the solution to this problem, I saw it was using DriverStore. I have tried every trick I know of to remove this problematic driver but I can't. They require SYSTEM level permission to delete manually.

The reason I'm looking into this more is to get rid of the insecure flag logo that Defender shows in the taskbar. I fully understand what Core Isolation is, I'm a software engineer.

I just want a clean system and I don't want Logitech drivers from 2012 on my machine when I'm not even using Logitech devices. And this driver is now interfering with system security.

Method 1.
  1. In device manager.
  2. Select ? ViewDevices by driver
  3. Right click on the driver (in your case oem109.inf)
  4. Enable both checkboxes:
  5. ? Uninstall this driver from any device currently using it.
  6. ? Attempt to force remove this driver while it is still being used by the device
  7. (reboot system)
Method 2.
  1. Download
  2. Run as Administrator the autoruns64.exe file
  3. Go to the 'Drivers' tab.
  4. Find the problematic driver
  5. Right click remove

Keywords: asio.sys autorunns64 aslo.sys lvuvc64.sys rockusb.sys ftdybus.sys lvbflt64.sys lvbnft64.sys

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